Is God Calling Us to Purchase our own Phoenix TV station?

After leasing channels in Phoenix for almost 13 years, we believe God has impressed us to purchase a TV station now instead of continuing to lease. The total project will cost us $1,500,000, so we will need a lot of help. Phoenix is one of the fastest growing cities, now the 5th largest in the United States. Please keep this project in prayer, and if you are impressed to help then please check out the options listed on this LINK to donate. Share this project with your friends.

As of December 30, 2021, we have raised about $650,000, which is 43% of what we need. Praise the Lord! We know that more is on it's way, but we will need much more.

The Story in Progress...

As the end of 2021 approaches, we praise the Lord for leading Good News TV through a year of amazing advancements, some of which we never would have expected. We can't help but share with you now what God has done this year, and how we see Him preparing to work in 2022. We hope that He will surprise us again in 2022 as He did in 2021, with a much bigger vision than we ever could have imagined.
At the start of 2021, we had finished upgrading our English channel to HD and introducing our new Kids' channel to 5 of the 7 communities throughout Arizona. We had made steady advancements in the ministry operation throughout 2020, and we thought we were ready for what was in store for 2021. But God surprised us early on in a variety of ways, and we've spent the year trying to keep up with how God has been leading ever since.
We thought we'd be taking the next logical steps for the ministry in 2021, by upgrading the Spanish channel to HD and introducing our new Kid's channel to Phoenix and Tucson. But we were were wrong. Instead, we were surprised early in the year with what seemed like resistance with negotiating new contracts to start the Kids' channel. Then God launched us in a much different direction and at a pace we never could have imagined.
On April 1, 2021, we learned that our channels in Phoenix were about to go off-the-air in a matter of only 2-4 weeks. So, we were faced with a major emergency of needing to decide how to keep our channels on the air in the largest market we broadcast on... Within a matter of hours on the very same day we also learned that a Phoenix TV station had just come available for sale in Phoenix. Since this quite literally happened simultaneously and on the 12th anniversary of when GNTV started broadcasting in Phoenix, we could not help but wonder whether God might be showing us the direction we should go.
Through a series of miracles and signs, we sensed the Lord clearly telling us "this is the way"...



There are many benefits of us owning this Phoenix station instead of leasing channels as we have, including:
  1. having a permanent home in a more favorable location on the TV dial
  2. broadcasting in high-definition (HD)
  3. introducing our new childrens' channel to reach young families
  4. lowering the operating costs
  5. simplifying our operation so the channels are more dependable,
  6. much more to come once we're on the air !

We still have almost $850,000 left to raise for this project. Please consider participating in this blessing by giving what you can today.
  • mail a check to Good News TV (PO Box 12644, Scottsdale, AZ 85267)
  • call us at 480-264-1116
  • make a quick online donation by clicking HERE
  • learn about various donation options by clicking HERE

May God bless you,
Good News TV Staff