"Please pray for the safety of my grandkids and that they will be returned to my family's custody. They are currently under the influence of someone that practices witchcraft."

Virginia, Avondale Estate, GA

   "Im just estatic i just found you miraculously 4 days ago and been watching constantly ever since. I don’t have cable or dish. I just have a set of rabibit ears. I'm just really happy God connected me with this channel. I was baptized about 20 years ago but haven’t gone to church in years and years. ... Thank you so much for your heartfelt prayer. I have a smile in my heart and soul. My prayers will be with you and all your co-workers at Good News TV."
Mary, Apache Junction, AZ

   "I was very excited and happy to find Good News TV on Atlanta channel 16.3 last Friday, Oct 10! I have been watching it ever since.  I get the channel with my $19 “rabbit ears” antenna. I'm telling the manager and neighbors in my apartment complex about this new channel."
Feleceda, Atlanta, GA

   "I have been a lawyer of 29 years, and I am calling to let you know that your ministry has changed at least one person's life--my life. Your ministry is a unique mixture of personal friendship evangelism and television evangelism. I was greatly moved by a program aired on your channel from camp meeting, and when I called to thank you, you prayed with me on the phone. I could not believe it. Nobody has ever prayed for me on the phone before. Then you brought a Bible to my door. Then Dr. ___ did what doctors just don't do these days, he made a housecall to visit me, prayed with me at the door, and then invited me to come to church. I am just overwhelmed by your kindness. May God bless you for your amazing ministry!"
Rick, Scottsdale

   "I just want to thank you and the Lord that your programs are on free to air tv. I am i truck driver and am spending the Sabbath here in Avondale at the truck stop. I can not drop the trailer to get to church so I am stuck in the truck for the Sabbath. Thank you again."
Tim, Avondale

   "Thank you for the sound, true, thoughtful Christian programming on a consistant basis. My TV is on Good News 24-7. Thank you."
Andrea, Mesa

   "I am looking forward to visiting an Adventist church for the first time. I will be taking the city bus to the Camelback Church this Saturday. I'll be there at 9:30am!"
James, Central Phoenix

   "I'd really like that free book, 'Great Controversy', you just offered." 
Jennie, Phoenix

   "I really liked that series with 'the Keyes man' (Ed Keyes). I hope you show that again soon."
Bobby, Mesa

   Viewer called during a Family Reunion Concert, and tearfully exclaimed, "This is the most beautiful music I have EVER heard! Thank you!" 

   "When our storms take you off the air, I find I have nothing worth watching.  Your channel is truly a Blessing." 
Virginia, Sun City

   <printed with permission> "I have very sad news. My Mom passed away about noon today. Thank you for GNTV.  I am watching wonderful comforting message this afternoon... it is such a blessing.  I am so comforted that Mom was baptized and she is sleeping in Jesus.  I am joyful knowing I will see her again.
     I have no idea how I would have dealt with these events (with Mom's death) without the emotional and spiritual growth I have experienced through your ministry.  I am completely serious.  My friends comment regularly how calm and happy I appear this last year.  I know it is because I have the blessing of hearing the truth of Jesus, the power of His Word, and He is present in my life.  Amen! God's blessings to you."
Vicki, Phoenix

    (during the 4 days when our channel was not broadcasting in Phoenix) Just a few of the many comments were, "Please come back soon because I am dependent on this channel", "My husband and I didn't realize how very attached were are to this channel until it was gone", "We are so thankful for the big part this channel played in leading up to our baptism at Paradise Valley church this last Sabbath", "GNTV is such a big and important part of my life",  "My Sabbath was RUINED without you!", "I am handicapped and terminally sick. Good News TV is a lifeline.", "PLEASE tell me that GNTV is not gone forever, I miss you so much!!", "I'm homebound and have the channel on 24 hours a day and am lost without it", and "Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your programming and to let you know GNTV was terribly missed."
Various viewers that called in and emailed, from throughout the Phoenix Metro area

   "I'm the one who called in the middle of the night looking for a giant print Bible. I'm overwhelmed to receive the one that Marc (GNTV Ambassador) delivered to my house yesterday! I'm so happy I can read a bible now!  Thank you all." 
Cindy, Apache Junction 

   "If it wasn't for your channel I don't know if  I would have made it. Because of Good News TV, I found a church home and loving Christians and was baptised. I was the one that your mother warned you about and now I just want to be a pastor."
John, Phoenix 

   "I'm convinced I need to quit crack cocaine. I've been addicted to drugs for 40 years and want to stop. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayer to God for me.  Would you please call my mom and pray over the phone with her too?"
Terrilyn, Phoenix

   "I have never heard someone speak so clearly on Bible prophecy and I learned so much. I am forever thankful." (regarding Pastor David Asscherick Bible presentations)