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 "God has lead me to the point where I am at now. It's like a tree. God put me in the ground, He gave me the right nourishment. I think it's now time to bear fruit... So, hopefully that's the stage that I'm at now."


 Mark shares that, "When I went to church, I wanted to know God, I wanted to know Jesus, I wanted to know the truth. But, through my own study and through the Bible studies at church, I never got the whole truth or the light that I needed. When I started watching Good News TV ... I felt like this is the truth that I've been looking for all of this time."

Jesus Hernandez & Family

 "I am very happy because I want to serve God the way He wants, not the way I want. I encourage you to open your heart, study God's word, and discover how God wants you to serve Him, then choose to follow Him."

Joseph Collechio

 "...It's an excellent, excellent Christian programming channel. I've watched the other big channels..., but I really got meaning out of this channel... Like the pastors said on there, yah know, look, don't take my word for it. Look in the Bible for it, and I did, and they were right. I just hope everyone supports this channel. It's good work, definitely sanctioned by the Lord. This much I know."

John Walters

"These people that I met in the church and Christ softened my heart. Truely, you know, I'm the guy your parents always warned you about. Now a days, I want to be a pastor."


Spotlight on GNTV
The GNTV Story

"That's what it's about. To help people understand that there is a loving God out there, that wants to have a personal loving relationship with us, and that wants us to know about the truth!"