Good News TV Partnerships    

PROGRAMMING -- Good News TV (GNTV) has partnered with several different Christian ministries that we believe produce exceptional quality programming, designed to deliver a holistic and hope-filled message that consistently points to Jesus and the Bible! A couple of these partner ministries include: Three Angels Broadcasting Network , HOPE Channel, and Amazing Facts International

We have hand-selected a variety of programs from these and other partners, in combination with our own GNTV programs, to bring you our GNTV channels. You can trust GNTV to bring your entire family an inspiring truth-filled viewing experience that will strengthen your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Tune in to GNTV 24 hours a day to enjoy a wide variety of practical programs that feature healthy cooking, relationship skills, beautiful music, local worship services, disease prevention, Bible teaching, childrens' programs, exercise, mission adventures, archeology, history, and much much more! 

BROADCAST -- As for broadcasting, our sole partner is Good News Broadcasting Network, Inc. (GNBN), a 501c3 organization that airs our GNTV channels on their stations 24 hours/day. Your support of GNBN helps ensure that our programming reaches into the homes of a growing number of communities. 

We hope that you'll find your viewing experience to be a benefit and blessing for you and your family on your path to a better life today and for eternity. We also hope that you will decide to call Good News TV "my channel"! 

Thank you for watching!