During a 4 day period, between Friday, April 29 and Tuesday, May 3, Good News TV was not broadcasting in Phoenix. That is because the power supply at the broadcast tower failed. This power supply was finally replaced on Tuesday afternoon, and  WE ARE NOW BACK ON AIR!


If you were receiving GNTV before Friday, and rescanned for channels during that period, you might not be getting our channel any longer even today. If this describes your situation, you will need to rescan for channels again on your TV or digital converter box. Please try this, and give us a call if you still are not able to receive our channel at your home.


We have received many phone calls from our viewers during this period, with comments like, "GNTV is such a big and important part of my life", "Good News TV is a lifeline", "I am lost without it", and "PLEASE tell me that GNTV is not gone forever, I miss you so much!!". Although we are encouraged to learn this from you, our viewers, we also understand you have come to depend on our programming. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, and we will do all we can to try to ensure this does not happen again.


May God bless you and your family,


GNTV Staff