How to get Good News TV on your Amazon Fire TV device...

Follow the instructions below to download our FREE Good News TV app on your Amazon Fire TV device and watch all of our channels: 

1) Purchase your Amazon Fire TV device (box or stick) from or your local retail electronics store.

2) Plug your Fire TV device into an HDMI port on your TV, change the Input or Source on your TV to this HDMI option (like HDMI 1) so you see the Fire TV logo. Then follow the instructions on the TV screen to connect the Fire TV device to your home internet service through your wireless router.

3) Once your Fire TV is connected to the internet, go to the Search option in the main menu, type in "Good News TV", and then select it. If this does not work, type "3ABN" or "Eleden" instead. The Good News TV app will be returned by one of these 3 searches.

4) Click on the "Good News TV" app that is displayed, and select the "Download" button to the right of the Good News TV
logo. This will download and install the app.

5) You can now back up to the main menu screen and you'll find Good News TV app under "Apps" and "Your Apps Library".

6) You are now ready to watch the Good News TV or GNTV Latino channels on your Amazon Fire TV device.

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