Help bring Good News to families throughout Arizona and beyond!

Good News Television is a faith-based self-supporting ministry that depends entirely upon the shared vision of generous supporters like you to provide its valuable programming to Arizona. Your partnership helps make it possible for Good News TV (GNTV) to bring the Good News of Jesus to thousands of families throughout Arizona and around the globe, including your own friends, family and neighbors. We want to thank you in advance for considering a gift to GNTV!

There are several types of donations you can make... a one-time donation, a monthly pledge, or a special trust.

There are also several ways you can choose to pay for your contribution. You can choose any of the following...

Do you use eBay or Paypal to buy and sell? Now you can easily give to GNTV through these methods, and sellers can differentiate themselves from other sellers and build confidence with prospective buyers by displaying the special Giving Works ribbon.

eBay SELLERS can give a portion of the proceeds from new sales (10 -100%), BUYERS can add a donation to their purchase during checkout, and ANYONE with a PayPal account can donate right away – without buying or selling anything.

To learn how to donate through eBay, CLICK HERE 


To donate online through Paypal, CLICK HERE 
IMPORTANT: You do not need to open a Paypal account to donate online.

Write your personal check payable to "Good News TV", and then either place it in an offering envelope at your local Arizona Adventist church, or send it to:

            Good News TV
            13405 N. Scottsdale Road
            Scottsdale, AZ  85254

       To pay by credit card, please contact GNTV directly to arrange for this (480-264-1116).

If you would like to remember Good News TV in your personal will or trust, then please contact us if you need help and we will put you in touch with our Gift Planning & Trust Services department, who would be glad to help guide you through this process.

            Phone: 480-264-1116



To prepare your eBay account to donate toward GNTV in the future:
1) Login to your eBay account.
2) Select "Account Settings" from the dropdown menu below your eBay name in the top-left of the window.
3) Select "Donation Account" on the left side of Account Settings window.
4) Select "My Favorite Non-profit" under Preferences on the left side.
5) Search for "Good News TV" charity and then "Add to my causes".
When listing a new item for sale on eBay that you want to donate a portion of proceeds to GNTV:
A) Select "Switch to advanced tool" at the top of the page when creating.
B) Fill in the eBay Giving Works information, directly below the asking price.
C) Search for the "Good News TV" charity and select it. 
D) Select the percent (%) of proceeds to donate to GNTV.
E) Your listing will prominently display the Giving Works ribbon and a description of our ministry, announcing to buyers that you are supporting GNTV through the sale.


To get a summary of our expenses and some of our needs within GNTV, please click on the following link... Ministry Needs.

Thank you for your support & may God bless,

Good News TV Staff