COVID-19 Health Tips -- Build Your Immune System


Neil Nedley, MD, president of Weimar Institute, points out that, "The world is talking about how to avoid coming in contact with COVID-19, which is helpful, but not bullet proof. If you actually get COVID-19, your chance of survival is directly dependent on how healthy your immune system is."

Following NEWSTART principles, which involves lifestyle choices that enhance our immune system, helps protect against COVID-19 or other disease conditions. Weimar reports that one of the best immune enhancers is alternating hot and cold showers, ending with a minute of pure cold. They have much more to share.

Weimar has released a series of short 3-5 minute health education videos, shown below, which are specifically targeted at what we can do to effectively strengthen our immune systems to fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19). Watch these videos below and share this page with your friends.

First, A Word About Quarantines

Part 1 – Total Community Immunity Series Introduction

Part 2 – Proper Nutrition to Bolster Immune Function

Part 3 – Using NAC to Fight Coronavirus

Part 4 – Exercie to Fight Coronavirus

Part 5 – Saunas to Fight Coronavirus

Part 6 – Anxiety Management-3 Steps

Part 7 – Good Hygiene to Fight Coronavirus

Part 8 – Diabetic? How to Fight Coronavirus

Part 9 – Vitamin D to Fight Coronavirus

Part 10 – Sleep to Fight Coronavirus

Part 11 – Positive Thinking to Fight Coronavirus

Part 12 – Be Still

If after watching the above Weimar health tip videos you think you may need more help to start on the path to improve your health, contact Weimar to learn about their comprehensive residential and online lifestyle programs:

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