How to get many FREE antenna TV channels including Good News TV...

You can get FREE televison today including GNTV with a TV antenna. It's really pretty simple if you live in a community where we broadcast. Today that includes Arizona (Phoenix, Prescott, Payson, Flagstaff, Yuma, Verde Valley and Tucson), Colorado (Denver), Sacramento (California), and more to come.

City, STATE (Broadcast Site) ENGLISH SPANISH __KIDS__
Phoenix, AZ (South Mountain) 14.1 14.2 14.3
Prescott, AZ (Mount Francis) 32.1 32.2 32.3
Payson, AZ (Diamond Point) 34.1 34.2 34.3
Flagstaff, AZ (Mount Elden) 19.1 19.2 19.3
Yuma, AZ (Peanut Patch tower) 24.1 24.2 24.3
Verde Valley, AZ (Mingus Mountain) 31.1 31.2 31.3
Tucson, AZ (Mount Bigelow) 14.4 14.6 TBD
Bullhead City, AZ/Laughlin, NV/Needles, CA (Needles) 26.1 26.2 26.3
Sacramento, CA  27.1 27.2 27.3
Denver, CO (Lookout Mountain) 26.5 TBD TBD
Your Community ??? TBD TBD TBD

If you live in any of these communities and need help getting our channels or installing a TV antenna, then follow the instructions below.

We have prepared 3 versions of instructions to help you get our antenna channel.

Option 1: QUICK START: CLICK HERE to download/print our Quick Start diagram that shows how to connect your TV and antenna.

Option 2: MORE DETAILS: CLICK HERE to download/print a Powerpoint presentation that illustrates the installation steps in a more detailed and graphical format. This presentation assumes you have an older analog TV and converter box. You can still use this if you have a newer digital TV. In that case the converter box is not needed.

Option 3: MOST DETAILS: SEE BELOW if you need more detailed written instructions than the above 2 options...


For instructions that will help you, click on the following link that best describes your situation...

(A) I have an antenna and get FREE local TV already. I just don't get Good News TV. This would include anyone that already receives free local TV channels with an antenna, even if you also have satellite or cable TV.

(B) I don't have an antenna, but I'd like to get one for FREE local TV, including Good News TV. This would include anyone that does not currently have an antenna, but they'd like to get one. You may subscribe to a paid cable or satellite service, or you may not have a TV connected to anything, or you may be watching with a streaming service like Roku, Amazon Fire or Apple TV. If you have a streaming service, or cable or satellite, you won't have to disconnect these services to start getting free antenna channels.

(C) I am confused and need help... If you already know that you fall under (A) or (B) above, then we encourage you to click on that corresponding link to follow those instructions. But, if you simply don't know or can't figure something out, then this option is for you.